You are the Reason (Chris Shalom)

There is an unfortunate phenomenon that occurs when an artiste sings a song publicly before recording it and others go to the studio with their own versions. This happened to Chris Shalom’s ‘You are the reason’ and I am so glad to be able to share the original singer’s version with everybody. Enjoy.


You are the reason for the life I live
For the air I breathe
For the song I sing
You are the reason why I lift my voice
Why I lift my hands
It’s all because of You

You are the reason (4x)

Where would I be
What would I do
If not for Your grace, O Lord
It’s so amazing
And it’s so refreshing
That You would love a man like me
You didn’t have to do it
But You did it anyway
I’m so grateful, so thankful
I’m walking in victory now
I’m walking in liberty now
All because I’m saved
Yes, I’m saved

The reason why I live…..You are
I cannot live You……no, no, no

Our Thoughts

This original version of ‘You are the reason’ goes deeper into why Jesus is indeed the reason. It focuses the mind of the worshipper on the main thing that Jesus has done for us – He saved us. Everything else flows out of this saving grace and for this we are grateful and thankful. Like Chris, I declare that I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT JESUS. Can you?