Undivided Love (Worship Central)

Undivided Love (Worship Central)





[Verse 1]
Undivided love I bring to You
You’ve become my everything
Grace sings out its song now I respond
Lifting up this offering

I give You my life Lord You take control
You have my heart my soul 
[Verse 2]
Undivided love You gave it all
Laying down Your majesty
Mercy made a way called me by name
Welcomed me with open arms

‘Cause it’s all for You
All that I am I surrender Jesus all for You
Saviour to You I surrender now
I surrender now

And all that I have ever done
And all that I have now become
It’s all for You it’s all for You God
With every single breath I take
I’m bringing You the highest praise
It’s all for You it’s all for You God