The Purpose of a Very Difficult Season

There is no doubt that we are in an unprecedented season, one we’ve never experienced in our lifetime, except for those in were in the thick of the Nigerian Civil War. Most of us have never experienced the current level of restrictions to our way of life. The economy has taken a huge bashing and worse off, we completely unable to determine how bad it will get and how long it will last.

This season is totally out of our control and as a result, many Christians are feeling helpless for the first time because our usual dependence on our Pastors, money, connections and human abilities, can’t save us now. So, we now finally have found the need to ask God to help us.

What are we asking God to help us with? Is it to remove the plague quickly so we can return to our normal lives? Is it to protect us while others can be infected and possibly die? Is it to ensure it goes away in the shorter time possible so our businesses and financial investments can have the chance to recover quickly? Is to remove the discomfort of having to be stuck at home with children and partner for periods with no estimated end?

Are there believers using this season of restrictions, which offers great opportunities for quality with God, to ask Him why this season? It is important to note that the purpose of a very difficult season can be found in what God had been saying repeatedly before the season, and we ignored it.

Before King Nebuchadnezzar came to completely destroy the kingdom of Judah, kill some children of God and exile almost all others, the prophet Jeremiah gave God’s people this message:

“Jeremiah the prophet said to all the people in Judah and Jerusalem, “For the past twenty-three years—from the thirteenth year of the reign of Josiah son of Amon, king of Judah, until now—the LORD has been giving me his messages. I have faithfully passed them on to you, but you have not listened. “Again and again the LORD has sent you his servants, the prophets, but you have not listened or even paid attention. Each time the message was this: ‘Turn from the evil road you are traveling and from the evil things you are doing. Only then will I let you live in this land that the LORD gave to you and your ancestors forever. Do not provoke my anger by worshiping idols you made with your own hands. Then I will not harm you.’  “But you would not listen to me,” says the LORD. “You made me furious by worshiping idols you made with your own hands, bringing on yourselves all the disasters you now suffer.” (Jeremiah 25:1-7)

God had been speaking to us repeatedly through prophetic voices before the advent of this season. What were they saying that we refused to listen and act upon? Would you care to go find out?

You should also:
– Spend quality time in worship. The more we do this, the more we eliminate our agenda and motives and focus solely on Him.
– Spend quality time in remorse, acknowledgement of your sins and deep repentance.
– Ask Him what He was saying that you had been ignoring which has brought this season.
– Ask Him how He wants you to serve His purpose that you ignored before now.
– Ask Him how you can showcase His love and power in this season of palpable fear.
– Rededicate your lives fully to His will and His way, for His kingdom purposes.

Ensure that you are not in a hurry to get answers because God is not in a hurry and so, the process will take time. The waiting will allow the Holy Spirit work deeply in us so that we can be changed and be able to hear from the Master and act on His instructions.

Remember to keep a journal in order not to forget what God tells you, sometimes in unexpected moments.

I speak prophetically when I say, unless you undertake the work of returning back to Him and seek His face now, you are likely to miss out on God’s purpose of this season when the siege is lifted and normalcy returns. God will always have a remnant that will response to Him. The question is, ‘Are you part of the remnant that will seek His face, hear His voice and do His will?’