I Am Yours (Gloryyah)


[Verse 1]
All of my heart, all my emotions
Lord, I submit to You
All of my will, all my decisions
Lord, I submit to You
Father, take full control

I am Yours, Lord, I am Yours
All I am and have belong to You
I am Yours, Lord, I am Yours
Let Your fire from Heaven 
consume this living sacrifice 
I’m Yours, Lord, I’m Yours

[Verse 2]
All of my being, every part of me
I submit to You
All my desires, every single dream
I submit to You
Spirit, take full control

Let Your fire refine this vessel that is me
So I might be what You intended me to be
You are the Potter and I am the clay
Father, have Your way

Our Thoughts

I belong to He who bought me with His precious blood, delivering me from captivity in the kingdom of darkness and placing me in the kingdom of light. 

There is a part of man that resists the concept of being owned but it is what it is. The potter owns the clay and the vessels He forms out of the clay. The best thing we can do is let our Maker have His way in and through us. That is the pathway to glory – His and the bit of it that rubs off on us.

Christianity is a journey of growth and maturity in Christ-likeness but the starting point is the surrender of self and of our own will, trusting that His thoughts towards us are of good and not of evil (Jeremiah 29:11).

So Father, please have Your way in and through me each and every day that You give me life.