Deeper in Love (Don Moen)


[Verse 1]
There is a longing
Only You can fill
A raging tempest
Only You can still
My soul is thirsty Lord
To know You as I’m known
Drink from the river
That flows before Your throne

Take me deeper
Deeper in love with You
Jesus hold me close in Your embrace
Take me deeper
Deeper than I’ve ever been before
I just want to love You more and more
How I long to be deeper in love

[Verse 2]
Sunrise to sunrise
I will seek Your face
Drawn by the Spirit
To the promise of Your grace
My heart has found in You
A hope that will abide
Here in Your presence
Forever satisfied

Our Thoughts

There is just no way our human minds can capture the depth of God’s love for us. Every once in a while, we catch another glimpse of it and our hearts melt more and more; we fall deeper and deeper in love with Him in return. It is a love that comes from knowing Him more and more. 

​May we always hunger and thirst to know Him more and love Him deeper still.