Alabaster Box 2016

Alabaster Box 2016 Choir:
Soprano  –  Bukola Obodo, Rita Kwemezi, Opeyemi Afolabi, Tosin Gloria Sido, Omobolanle Anukanra
Alto  –  Elizabeth Egwu, Rachael Akpu, Ngozi Opara, Florence Yurglee-Julius, 
Tenor  –  Ihechi Okwunodulu, Bunmi ‘Priceless’ Bade-Adeniji, Stella Ojo, Oluwatodimu Saliu
Keyboard : Psalmkeys
Drums : Oritsejolomi Joseph
Bass guitar : Seyi Olaoye & Seun
Rhythm guitar : Olawale David Ikuomola
Sound Engineer:  Esmund Yurglee-Julius
Photography: Echa!
Volunteers: Oyindamola Eghosa-Ojo, Dabelu Ibegbu, Daphne Sido, Tosin Ogunleke, Abiola Sobola

‘Early Bird’ Gift donors:
–  2Q Cakes
–  Licious Desserts
–  Harveys Cakes
–  AmySue Couture
–  Mickyrose
–  Bata Esho
–  Priceless Makeovers
–  Al’s Creations


~  I appreciate the exercise we did during Gloryyah’s ministration. We had to write those we needed to forgive and things we were ashamed of. The act of writing impacted and made my prayer more effective and all the burdens were lifted. Thank you so very much.
~ That exercise we did –tearing it all up and pouring down At The Master’s Feet – it healed me. Though the painful thoughts still come but I learned something profound – to declare that they’re all forgiven and all my shame’s gone, by faith! God is Awesome. So long as we are willing to allow His Treasure in our jars of clay!
~  I know that God loves me in spite of all rough and ugly past and that I’m still useful for His good work.
~  It was amazing worshipping with other women. I feel completely encouraged.
~  Inspiring, motivational and soul-lifting. I know I’m broken but God has put me together fit for the Master’s use. I also realize I can’t run the race of life without God’s help.
`  My experience was ‘Godsome’. I got in touch with God, the heavens. I got my worship groove back. During the session with Gloryyah, I literally felt rain drops on my skin (as though I was under a kind of shower) dropping once in a while during the worship/teaching.
~  It was an amazing and eye opening experience. It was what I needed to hear but didn’t even realise it. I am very grateful.
~  I received words of wisdom for myself in particular and in general. I enjoyed being able to worship freely. I gained some insight into how to handle forgiveness and unforgiveness.
~  I experienced God’s love afresh and I got the courage to not give up.
~  It was mind blowing. Sessions of worship that changed the atmosphere, bringing down the presence of God. I can never forget today. The feeling is just inexplicable.
~  I saw for the first time that: 1) being a Christian at an early age doesn’t stop bad things happening; 2) my shame has been a feeling of inadequacy all my life and I have always searched for validation; 3) God’s love covers even these! I am excited.
~  My experience is that of a revelation of who I am in Christ Jesus.
~ It’s my first time and I wasn’t supposed to be here but God understands it all. It was really a wonderful experience….really powerful. I like the fact that the speakers used themselves as examples. It was so encouraging and spiritual. The worship sessions were also wonderful. I appreciate God for making me a part of this. It’s taught me how to remain intimate with God.
~  I just feel I have to let go and let God. It all belongs to Him. I feel more loved now than ever. Thank you, Lord.
~  I feel as if my chains are broken. I am a new person.
~  I’ve come to realise that some people have gone through what I’m going through right now and God brought them out; that God loves me and for every of my shame and pain, He’s going to give me glory.
~  It was wonderful and I thank God for giving me the grace to be a part of this great gathering. It was a very great experience and set me free from my past.
~  Very impactful and relieving (from bottled up anger and pain).
~  It was wonderful and Spirit-filled, and lifted my spirit out of burden. I came with a heavy heart but I’m going home with a lifted spirit. Praise the Lord.
~  God’s presence filled the house. Very timely – the event began on time. Very prophetic (declarations).
~  I experienced God. I could feel His presence…..I gave it all to Him. I felt peace.
~  I was here for a short while but God really spoke to me directly and I am deeply inspired.
~  I reconnected with God in my heart and my expectation was not cut short. It is a new year for me and I am glad I could start it the way I have.
~  I was blessed by the testimonies of all the speakers. The presence of God was awesome. When Gloryyah shared/taught on forgiveness, it helped me realise that I had not totally forgiven my mother-in-law for some wrong. I learnt that I need to continue to confess it and ask for help till I feel no resentment any longer.
~  At this meeting, I was able to experience God’s love in the midst of my challenges. Ronke Adeyemo’s words of wisdom were very uplifting for me.
~  It was very expository and heartfelt, truthful and inspiring. It made me admit to some things in my life and I also got to let go of some pains. I was truly blessed and I also got to worship God, truly.
~  I was elated – I felt elevated into the presence of God. He had been talking to me about a lot of things which actually make sense after listening to the speakers.
~  It was amazing, awesome and Spirit-filled. I had an encounter with God.
~  Awesome praise worship. The speakers were wonderful – they were able to communicate the bane of the message to us. No time wasted at all. I learnt more on forgiveness.
~  Wonderful to know there are still women craving for the truth and reassuring others of His love.
~  Healing, refreshing and reconnecting.
​~  Refreshing; impactful; life-changing.