Alabaster Box 2013

The maiden edition of Alabaster Box took place on the 17th of March, 2013 at the Unity Center, Ikeja G.R.A., Lagos, Nigeria. The guest speakers who shared their testimonies, and some of whom sang, included:
– Laila Jean St. Matthew Daniel (Acts Generation)
– Bunmi Bade-Adeniji
– Elizabeth Takon Nwosisi
Guest Dance Minister:
– Sarah Boulos


This is my first time of attending your programme. I was dumbfounded at the audacity of your faith sis. Gloria! This programme has challenged my faith and relationship with GOD. I was OVERWHELMINGLY BLESSED. GOD BLESS, KEEP, AND STRENGTHEN YOU!!!
– Omobolanle Adeyemi

My testimony is on the grace to ‘let-go’, forgive and move on.
In December 2012, I came to the realization of some ‘ugly’ truths about my husband’s faithfulness. Amongst many ‘revelations’ was the fact that 2yrs ago he cheated on me with my friend!
A friend whom I was a brides maid to and did almost all her wedding errands for, who let me stay with them when I had accommodation issues for over a year (actually got married and moved into my own matrimonial home from her house), a friend who I was with through the birth of her two children….ok, you get the idea. I find out that my husband slept with her in my living room while I was away at work! This happened in a time when my marriage was struggling under the pressure of an ‘unplanned’ pregnancy!!!
Anyways, when I heard about the betrayal, I confronted the lady (who by the way had ‘continued’ with our friendship as though nothing was wrong), I told her how disappointed I was and all and she tried to beg and explain but I told her I couldn’t talk to her yet and that I needed ‘space’. I wanted to delete her from my phone contacts cos I really didn’t want to see or hear of her.
I came to terms with myself and said I had forgiven the two of them and started the process of ‘working things out’ with my husband but I just couldn’t get myself to reach out to her. I had told her that I had forgiven her but I couldn’t ‘talk’ yet as the wounds were still sore. Whenever I saw a status update from her I’d cringe, or say something ‘sarcastic’, or u know just comment spitefully, to myself of course. I knew I was bitter towards her and started questioning if I had truly forgiven her.
At the ‘Alabaster Box’ meeting, after hearing the testimonies, especially Sis…. She said something that ‘hit’ me, when she explained how after her car accident she got ‘talking’ with God and He told her that He can’t reach her that way because of all the bitterness she was harboring I knew I couldn’t heal if I didn’t let go and knew it was time to do so!
I wept, it was just hard u know! I was the ‘victim’ why did I have to carry the greatest responsibility?! But I did…. I decided to let it all go at that meeting. I decided there, that evening that I was going to send her a message that night.
I reached out to her the next day (it was still a struggle when I got home that night so I held on until the next day). I wrote her a note and just told her ‘how it was’. She responded and I knew she was sorry and it seemed that she had ‘learnt’ her lessons too. Since then we’ve chatted (though sparingly and I’ve even initiated some!), but I’m happy to say that I don’t feel those negative feelings anymore when her name comes up, I can actually include her in my list now when sending out BC’s. I was actually planning a trip to the town she lives in now and had no plans to even cross paths with her, but now I’m even considering the possibility of visiting her!!!
Hey! Its not nice or easy, but I’m glad I did! Part of the things I wrote her in the note goes so:
“….You did what you did; for whatever reason(s), you sha did. And really, though it ‘affects/affected’ me, its not my shame or guilt to bear….
I will not judge you (or at least I’ll try not to). I also have forgiven you; Gods love for me and vice-versa plus my salvation is too high a price to pay for someone else’s foolishness….”
This is the truth I’ve learnt from all this: the devil sells lies to us who have been ‘cheated’ on that we have the right to be angry and bitter. But there’s a difference between the hurting of a broken heart (which we are entitled to, though not for too long) and the burden that comes from a bitter heart. Its okay to hurt awhile because betrayal is painful but the shame, guilt, and all that bitterness is not yours! Its for the ‘perpetrators of the acts’ to deal with. So let’s not ‘cheat’ ourselves over and over again.
Let go and let God; that broken heart will surely heal!
– Anonymous.

Delivered from the shame of abortion
The gathering was a time of complete emotional healing and overcoming shame I have felt about an event in my past I try to forget ever so often. – Abortion!
The testimony before the ministration ‘I surrender all’ made me come to terms with hidden pains and the shame I have borne about this for a while!
Though I gave my life to Christ since 1996, this unfortunate event has always hunted me. Though my husband knows and never judged me but loves me still, the enemy has used this to prod me every now and again ‘what if people knew’, he fills my heart with shame and fear.
Hearing the sister talk about her experience, before she ministered in song hearing her share openly such a personal past, I was filled with boldness to overcome the voice of the enemy in my head and in my life. I embraced again God’s love, forgiveness and I felt the shame melting away. I remembered again the scripture ‘there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus’
Today I continue to walk in that boldness and courage I shake of the shackles of shame and I am hopeful that perhaps one day soon I will be able to stand up without fear of being judged and share my testimony too with others.
God bless you all for pitting the program together.
– Anonymous