A God like You (Kirk Franklin)


Everybody wants to be like You
They want power and praise like You
But see there is no god like our God
There’s no one like You
Who gave their life like You?
And who paid our price like You?
See there’s only one god that’s our God
There’s no one like You.

Verse 1:
Who can touch like you
Or heal us like you do
We stumble and we stray
Still you always get us through
Who makes all things new
And comes to our rescue
Death, hell and the grave
They could not conquer you

You became just like me
To unlock and set free
This prisoner that was deeply wounded and redeemed
The me I could not see.

Verse 2:
Some may worship things
But what joy do they bring?
They try and hide the stains
But can they set us free?
See where would we be
Without Calvary –
A king upon a tree?
So the whole world can see

Healer, Father, Saviour
Counselor, Friend, Provider
Was, is and forever
That’s why I just want to be where You are
I’ll travel life with You no matter how far

Hey, hey, hey

There’s no one like you (2x),
There’s no god like our God
There’s no one like you.

Our thoughts

We live in an age of superstars who seem, like John Lennon once boasted, “more famous than Jesus”. Even more disturbing is the fact that these superstars are in our places of worship, too, and more often than not are the leaders in the local assemblies whose words seem to carry more weight than the words of the Bible for many of the churchgoers.

Then there’s the material acquisitions that have gone through the roof, with people measuring their worth by the amount of possessions they own. This is not new but without a doubt, ‘things’ have become major idols in people’s lives, sometimes happening quite subtly but surely.

However…..there is only ONE GOD! 
Only one who is Creator of the entire universe and who reigns over all things.
Only one who loved us so much that despite not being loved in return, He paid a huge price to buy our freedom from sin and death, and to bring us into a loving relationship with Him.
Only one who still loves us unconditionally and continuously till eternity, even in the discipline He gives as a loving Father.
Only one who is EVERYTHING we need for here and for eternity.

Truly, there’s no one like Him.